Maker Spotlight: M Grace Jewelry

One of my favorite aspects of my job is being able to work with likeminded, passionate, and creative women. When buying for Wild Poppy Goods, I seek out those who believe in what they create. I truly feel that the objects you fill your life with should be made intentionally, ethically, and be beautiful or functional. That is why I was drawn to the work of Malia Grace Mau. It is evident that every piece that comes out of her studio is made with care and love is poured into it. Malia is the woman behind Los Angeles based jewelry line, M Grace Jewelry. She uses the ancient lost wax technique to make all of her jewelry and carves each by hand. All production is locally sourced and made from recycled metal. The collection draws from images and symbols found in ancient civilizations and nature, combined with a modern rustic aesthetic. Each piece is carefully considered and infused with protective energy. In keeping with mystical cultural traditions, Malia believes jewelry transcends aesthetics and serves as power pieces to invoke the wearers intentions. You can follow her on Instagram and check out her shop for other pieces not being carried by Wild Poppy Goods

Business Gals: Emily Benziger of Fine Life Co

I am thrilled to be chatting with the talented woman behind Fine Life Co,  Emily Benziger. In this age of fast fashion and items that hold no real value, Emily has set foot to create a marketplace that is far from that. From swoon worthy  clothing to a well-curated vintage section, to desert prints taken by Emily's mother, there is certainly no shortage of beauty found at Fine Life Co. 

Tell us a little bit about Fine Life Co. How and when did it all begin? 

Fine Life Co is an online women's & home shop based around the concept of new, found and made. The idea of owning my own shop stems back to years in retail through high school and beyond. Working at a local boutique during the rise of eccomerce really gave me a taste of both worlds, but I quickly became infatuated with the online industry. I studied a little bit about it in school, did my own "research" by shopping too much, then finally took the leap and opened FLCO a little over a year and a half ago!

Can you walk us through a typical work-day routine?

Right now things are pretty hectic, as I still work full-time for a local family business- crazy, I know! Monday-Friday I work in their office (often multi-tasking FLCO on the side), drop orders at the Post Office, get off work and pack orders from the day, answer emails, organize new inventory, etc. I spend most of Saturday working on the shop, which typically involves shooting any new products, getting it online and creating content to post for the week. 

You've got such a beautiful store filled with everyday essentials; can you name some items you can't life without? 

Oh man... tough as I love/use so much! Can't live without my Favor ring stacks- so many options! I probably wear Miranda Bennett pieces 2-3 times a week- they're that good + so comfy. I live for Rose Face Mist by Herbivore Botanicals & spritz on my face before bed- it's incredibly soothing + calming. You can always find PF candles burning around my house and workspace. Last but not least, our Tucson Tote by Apolis is an everyday carry for me- I use them to tote around shipments, then grocery shopping afterwards!


Running a business can be exhausting -- both mentally, physically, and creatively. What are some ways you keep inspired?

It sure can! Some days it's just a little change in scenery or a new discovery here in our beautiful town that get's me going on new content. Other times it's browsing the internet for way too long, to finally discover that perfect piece on Etsy that customer's would love, or a new designer that we HAVE to carry. I get easily excited, and from there my brain spews out ideas. Also, the studio (more on that below) has brought on a whole new concept of inspiration, which has been so much fun!

I am passionate about... 

Loved ones, Arizona and our local community, well-made products, plants I can't kill, photography, sunsets, etc etc. 

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who is pursuing their own retail business? 

Owning a retail business takes a ton of dedication, hard-work, creativity, long hours, etc etc. Nothing happens over-night, but it's the most rewarding/fulfilling experience and I can't recommend going for it enough!


Any exciting new projects planned for the future? 

We are currently in the middle of a studio renovation (!!) I'm so excited to have a space to be more creative, meet with customers face to face + looking forward to having the second bedroom in my house back. ;)

All images courtesy of Fine Life Co. 

Natural Living : Palo Santo

I am really big into implementing natural remedies and practices into my daily life. I have a difficult time winding down for sleep, as I tend to be a night owl and a morning person, so it's good to establish a bedtime routine. Mine involves a hot shower, writing a to-do list for the next day, and lighting a candle and/or using aromatherapy. I tend to stick to either using essential oils, Palo Santo, or Sage because other scents are just a bit too strong while these are pure with no added chemicals. For many years, Palo Santo has been used for it's cleansing and healing properties, and has been used to relieve symptoms of headaches, and inflammation. Plus, it smells really good. It has an almost citrus aroma with underlying notes of frankincense.  I sometimes actually prefer it over burning sage, because it's a much lighter scent while sage can lean to the smoky side (which can irritate my eyes). 

To use, simply light one end, hold at a 45 degree angle, allow to burn for about 30 seconds, then blow it out. It has a nice, delicate fragrance when placed around the house in an unburned pile as well! 

Now offering bundles of Palo Santo at Wild Poppy Goods! They are sustainably wild harvested from a reserve in Ecuador from naturally fallen trees and make for a wonderful gift! 

Maker Spotlight: Baleen

Leah and Billy, owners of Baleen, began their company when they saw a need in the market for beautiful, quality jewelry that is also pocketbook friendly. Located in Seattle, they create their entire collection by hand in their studio. These are pieces that tell a story and are easy to wear everyday. I am happy to announce that we are now stocking this beautiful jewelry on Wild Poppy Goods

Friday Faves 9.25.15

After a fairly long hiatus of not having internet nor a computer, I am back full force with inspiration overload. 

1. The most gorgeous silver necklace plate, just listed over on Wild Poppy Goods (....and please someone snag it before I change my mind!) 2. Crescioni has a new Spring collection, and when paired with swimwear by Nu Swim and clothing from Passenger, it's absolute perfection.  3. First Rite SS16 collection is so lovely. My favorite is the cobalt blue dress. 4. Did you catch SF Girl by Bay's new LA home? I love that every item in her home has a story to tell. 5. I am thinking about these as my next jean purchase. 6. Philip has this weekend off for this first time since living here in Portland, so we are going to have a typical lazy Sunday at home. I'm pretty excited to try out this recipe for cornmeal waffles with blackberry syrup. Yum! 

Have a happy weekend, all! 

Get the Look: A Santorini Home

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Santorini, Greece will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was able to visit several years ago and since then have been enamored with the place. The beauty of the deep blue ocean contrasting against the whitewashed buildings, the old homes built upon steep hills, and the general old world feel throughout the city. When I have free time I love browsing Airbnb for beautiful homes to rent in Santorini (there are some AMAZING places out there!). Or, check out the San Giorgio Hotel, which is on the island of Mykonos, for the same look. 

The architecture of Greece has a timeless beauty and is based upon simplicity. You can create your own Santorini inspired abode with a few simple elements. Natural fibers and textures, silver details, and rustic aged wood all come together perfectly to create a calm atmosphere.